TWENTY3 is an interactive video chat where events take place.
Play Parties, Workshops, Performances ,BDSM Sessions ,Debates, Information ,Music ,Art, Wrestling ,Fetish Parties, Exhibitionism, Cinema, …. and more.

We do this because it has been in our blood since the dawn of time.

TWENTY3 has no profit or commercial purpose, it was born out of passion, and to give a safe and uncensored space to people interested in BDSM, Fetish, Kink in all its forms, artistic, political, professional, amateur, informative, playful.

The main purpose of TWENTY3 is to spread information and culture.

TWENTY3 has three main rooms (+one secret)

  • THE FREE ROOM : it is the main room, free, open to all, used for play parties and free events.
  • THE PRIVEE ROOM : it is an additional room, protected by subscription or password ( depending on event). It is used during the events, selected users will have access to it, the conditions for accessing it will be communicated in the event information. 
  • THE 23 ROOM : it is the room where the events are held for a fee. It’s activated only when events take place. Access to this room requires the payment of a ticket . The gains obtained are given to the Performers organizers of the event. 
  • THE SECRET ROOM: this is a secret room, for those who want to organize events for a selected number of users, it can be reached by secret link only from the organizer of the event and from his friends. The room is password protected.

The FREE ROOM and PRIVEE ROOM can be freely used by anyone to create appointments. 


Your privacy on TWENTY3

TWENTY3 pays close attention to respect for privacy and anonymity. It is a totally safe space, no tracing or recording system is present in the rooms. 

The rooms are simply private by design. All rooms are ephemeral: they only exist while the meeting is actually taking place. They get created when the first participant joins and they are destroyed when the last one leaves. If someone joins the same room again, a brand new meeting is created and there is no connection to any previous meeting .

The rooms are optimized to work with CHROMEOPERABRAVE  Browsers.

for maximum privacy we recommend using the  BRAVE  browser and the anonymous browsing with TOR that you will find in it

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Dear friends,
we have created the Twenty3 Project to give space to the imagination of each of you, we have invested work and money in it.
In recent months we have received many proposals from people interested in creating events and collaborating with the project, but in the end, after so many email messages and exchange of information, no one has completed the proposed events.
We appreciated your participation in our Play Parties.
Unfortunately, the project has costs to support to stay online.
We have therefore decided that if by the end of this month (October 2020) no one comes to organize new events we will stop paying the hosting costs and working on it.
It is useless to bear these costs for nothing.
We thank you all and wish you a good continuation !

If you want to organize some event by the end of October 2020 and keep the Twenty3 project alive, contact us through our Fetlife account or Here