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” When you masturbate to someone’s pictures or videos, do you ever wonder who these people might be and how they got into making porn ?

I keep asking this question on Fetlife and elsewhere. Do you even perceive us, the adult performers who briefly excite you and facilitate your orgasms, as the actual living people, with real lives, souls and dreams, like yourself ?
Perhaps you believe the naive, outdated stereotype popularized by media about women going into porn for easy money. So you would assume that at some point they must have been handsomely paid and therefore in your mind they are a commodity, something to use and discard without further reflection. Or maybe on the contrary, you believe them to be the exhibitionists deriving as much pleasure from showing their pussies to you, as you might from sending your dick pic to a girl you like. But here is the little detail to ponder on, you wanna show your penis to an attractive girl, not to some old creep who would be salivating over it and fucking you in the ass in his dreams, right ? We, adult performers do not have this choice on who would be looking at us and interacting with us in the boundless universe of human imagination. Thousands of people of various genders, ages and looks are having sex with us in their dreams, every single day. And it will remain out there for years. I may be long dead when someone will be still jerking off to my videos and caressing or using my body in all possible and impossible ways, in his mind.

So what really drives us ?
For example, how did it happen that this crazy Gypsy Dolores has gotten into porn at the age of 46 ?
If you want to know, come to my show !
You will hear why I made it a rule to perform solo and why I am focusing on the sensual fetishes, like smoking, pantyhose, socks, feet, long hair, baby oil, balloons. It’s a story of a mind and a soul finding the means of expression and fulfillment through the flesh. I will answer any questions you might have.

It would be hard to touch on all the fetishes I have been exploring within the brief two hours of my first interactive online show for you. Therefore I will demonstrate a few, but the focus this time will be mainly on the pantyhose/ nylon feet fetish. Mind that I am not a dominatrix. There won’t be any humiliation involved. It’s not going to be rough. Instead, it will be a deep, intense sensuality experience. I will take you along on the exciting adventure in the enchanted kingdom of candlelight, whispers, gentle caress, profound intimacy and the ecstasy unrolling slowly but powerfully like the ocean waves.

For me, being an adult performer is a stage of the most important journey of my life, the quest of finding and embracing my true self. I hope that accompanying me on this one magical evening, will give you enough food for thought and inspiration to somehow influence your own special journey, or that at least it will remain a sweet memory.”

Gypsy Dolores



May 16 2020


Berlin (UTC +2)
6:00 AM - 7:00 AM

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/Toronto
  • Date: May 15 - 16 2020
  • Time: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM


€ 12

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